Breast Pump with 2 Bottles

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Vendor : Al - Diyar

Material: PP, Silicone

Volume: 150ml*2

1. FDA food graded PP & Silicone material, resistance to high temperature up to 120 ℃, BPA free

2. Unique stability, damping rate less than 10% after 700 hours continuous work, avoid losing efficacy common in other products after long term usage

3. Simple operation with PC intelligent chip embedded, memorizing its sucking/lactagogue working mode & intensity

4. 3 modes, such as Massage mode, production mode, Breast Pumping Mode,9 adjustable grades for diverse demands

5. 3D petal massage cushion made by Silicone, fit for breast massage & lactagogue function

6. Unique streamlined appearance design

7. Ultra silent design with innovated shock-absorption, sound insulation structure less than 50 dB

8. 2 power supply modes, convenient with USB power, AA 1.5V Batteries, or Mobile phone power adapter

9. Ingenious 3-way anti-reflux design to prevent milk leakage into bottles

10. Standardized diameter milk bottles easy for other standard milk bottles replacement

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